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Proactive Marketing creates and implements unique marketing programs for professional service firms.  Our programs capitalize upon our clients’ most valuable assets, their people.  We integrate the marketing function into the corporate culture of the firm, inspiring everyone to contribute to revenue growth. 


Proactive Marketing provides your team members with the tools and guidance they need to market your firm’s services effectively, resulting in:


    Increased top line revenues

    New business referrals

    Expanded identity in the marketplace

    Improved quality of new business leads


How We Do It…


Proactive Marketing performs due diligence of a client’s internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to its competitive marketplace in order to establish effective marketing methods.  We then complete an analysis of each team member’s unique skills and preferences to distinguish how every person can contribute to the marketing process via activities within his or her personal comfort zone. 


The outcome is a systemized marketing program that includes specific marketing plans for individuals and processes to hold all team members accountable.



Why You Need Us…


Proactive Marketing is an effective solution for professional service firms that can benefit from a senior level Marketing Director on an outsourced basis.  Our services include everything that would be expected of an in-house marketing executive, and more:


    Assess the firm’s marketing activities

    Evaluate the firm’s marketing tools

    Identify missing links in the firm’s marketing program

    Develop and execute marketing plans

    Establish tracking systems and protocols


In order for a company to optimize its top-line success, it needs to consider EVERY employee, from the receptionist to the CEO, to be a point of sale. 


-         Professor Bill Yost

The Anderson School @ UCLA


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