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Mary Lee-Wlodek founded Proactive Marketing to create and implement marketing programs for professional services firms that capitalize upon their most valuable assets, their people.  

Since 2002, nearly 50 companies ranging from private capital firms to investment banks, law firms, consulting firms, accounting firms, insurance brokerages and professional membership organizations have trusted us to rebrand their companies, create and implement marketing and communications plans and/or provide business development coaching.   



The vision behind Proactive Marketing was born when Mary was a vice president, business development for a NYSE commercial finance company.  In this role, she spent a lot of time networking with successful professional service providers, and found it surprising that many of them worked for firms she hadn’t heard of before.  She learned that their firms WANTED more robust brand identities and marketing plans, but were too small for a full-time marketing professional to manage the process.  And, the partner who had been assigned the task really didn’t have the time or inclination to deliver.